Academic Council of RSUH has defined the tasks for the new academic year
 Academic Council of RSUH has defined the tasks for the new academic year

Academic Council of RSUH has defined the tasks for the new academic year

On August 31, a session of Academic Council was held at RSUH, at which basic professional educational programs were approved, the amount of student scholarships for the new academic year was established, and the Chair of the Department of Physical Culture, Sports, Health and Safety was elected.

At the meeting, Rector of RSUH Alexander Bezborodov awarded the title of "Honorary Doctor, Honoris Causa, RSUH" to Dr. Zahi Hawass, Head of the Institute of Egyptology (Giza, Egypt).

“As part of the cooperation program between RSUH and Dr. Zahi Hawassu, our students have the opportunity to work with the originals of Egyptian culture. We have a joint plan for the development and discovery of a new direction in archeology and the goal has been set to replenish the museum collection of RSUH,” added Dr. Eleonora Kormysheva, Director of the Golenishchev Center of Egyptology.

Rector highly appreciated the contribution of Dr. Hawassu to the research activities of the University: “The joint work of the University and Dr. Hawassu is a new stage in the development of the Center of Egyptology of RSUH”.

Dr. Vasily Makolov, Head of the l Department of Education and Methodology, informed the Council about the amendments to the Regulations on Study of Students at RSUH: "The duration of an academic hour is now 40 minutes, classroom lessons are now held as two academic hours (80 minutes)".

The new schedule can be found HERE.

Dr. Bolkvadze, Vice-Rector for Administrative and Social Work, announced academic scholarships for achievements in various activities for students from September 1 to December 31, 2021.

It was proposed to establish scholarships in the following amounts:

  • 2nd year undergraduates - 8043 rubles 55 kopecks;
  • 3rd year undergraduates - 9652 rubles 26 kopecks;
  • 4th year students undergraduates - 11,260 rubles 97 kopecks;
  • 5th year undergraduates (specialists only) - 12,869 rubles 69 kopecks;
  • 2nd year students enrolled in Master's programs –12869 rubles 69 kopecks.

In addition, the state academic scholarships were readjusted for the 3.7% inflation from September 1, 2021 for first-year students and graduate students.

The Council approved the increase in the amount of scholarships.

The Council elected Dr. Igor Lazarev to the position of Head of the Department of Physical Culture, Sports, Health and Safety, for a period of one year.

In connection with the anniversary, as well as for many years of conscientious work, Rector Bezborodov presented a congratulatory address to Dr. Lyudmila Khalilova, Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Institute of History and Archives.

The Council nominated Ms. Evgenia Levitskaya, 2nd year M.A. student of Tourism, for the special scholarship of the Russian Geographical Society.

Also, amendments were adopted to the Regulations on remuneration and social payments for employees of RSUH.

Dr. Madina Gurieva was promoted to Associate Professor in the specialty 5.2.3. “Regional and Sectoral Economics”.

Title of Associate Professor was awarded to the following faculty members:

  • 24.00.01 "Theory and History of Culture" - Alexandra Tarasova and Boris Reifman,
  • 10.01.10 "Journalism" - Natalia Makarova,
  • 24.00.01 "Theory and history of culture" - Bella Shapiro,
  • 07.00.15 "History of international relations and foreign policy" - Sergey Romanenko.

Concluding the meeting of the council, Rector reminded the colleagues of the need to comply with the mask regime on the territory of RSUH and the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor on fighting COVID-19.

“We kindly ask you to comply with all protective measures and monitor your health,” Rector said.