The first Open Doors Day in 2022 was held at RSUH

The first Open Doors Day in 2022 was held at RSUH

On January 16, RSUH hosted an open doors day, during which applicants were informed about educational programs and student life at the university. Meetings with heads of institutes, faculties and departments were divided into sections and held both offline and online.

Before the start of the consultations, the staff of Admissions conducted a tour of the territory of the University for applicants. They talked about the history of the University, showed the museum complex, the library and the main halls.

Dr. Valentina Dubodelova, Head of the Business School of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, spoke about 4-month intensive courses to prepare for the Unified State Examination, which will start on February 1. The special feature of the preparatory program is its practice-oriented training, including lectures, seminars, business games and trainings.

More information on the intensive courses here.

Dr. Filipp Taratorkin, Dean of the Faculty of Archival Studies and Records Management, drew the attention of applicants to the demand for archivists on the job market.

“Students of our Faculty receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. We teach them to work with various types of media. To this end, the Faculty of Archival Studies cooperates with the leading archives of the country,” said Dr. Taratorkin.

Dr. Nikolai Lepe, Dean of the Faculty of Management of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, presented the programs "State and municipal administration", "Management" and "Personnel management".

The curricula of all three areas provide for the study of a wide range of disciplines that will ensure the effective organization of management.

Dr. Galina Zvereva, Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies, told the applicants that obtaining a diploma in cultural studies will give them the opportunity to analyze modern cultural phenomena, identify internal historical, social and economic ties that form the image of the studied cultural object. In addition, graduates will be able to put into practice relevant methods of information analysis and independently develop an effective concept for a PR presentation of a person and a product. With a diploma in cultural studies, one can work in state institutions and public organizations involved in the management of culture and the protection of historical monuments.

Dr. Elena Barysheva, Dean of the Faculty of History, shared information about the students' work experience. Thus, students can take an internship at the State Archives of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Archives of Socio-Political History and the Russian State Archives of Ancient Acts. In the senior year students undergo teaching intternships. Academic life at the Faculty includes an annual international conference "The Future of Our Past". In addition, the Club of Young Historians holds open lectures, discussions and excursions, where you can learn a lot of new and useful information.

A distinctive feature of the RSUH’s Faculty of Sociology is that it combines basic training in the humanities and the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills in the field of sociology. Its faculty members belong to international sociological organizations, participate in international and all-Russian conferences and occupy leading positions in the citation rating table of Russian sociologists. The students of the Faculty of Sociology will receive practical skills in state bodies, political parties and public organizations, as well as in various research centers. Faculty graduates are among the top three in terms of salaries among sociologists.

You can follow the schedule of Open Days on the website. You can learn more about the educational programs on the page of Admissions-2022.