Students of RSUH were winners of the International Pushkin Competition

Students of RSUH were winners of the International Pushkin Competition

Two M.A. students from India, Sakshi Aggarwal and Vipin Kumar Bichal became the winners of the annual international Pushkin Competition in the nomination “Pushkin in my life”. – не уверен в правильности имен

This year, about 500 entries were submitted in four categories. In the nomination “Pushkin in my life” the participants had to show what role the poet’s work played in one’s life, and the students Sakshi and Vipin did an excellent job.

Ms. Sakshi Aggarwal entered the Master's program at the Faculty of Archival Studies in 2019. By that time, she had already been studying Russian for 2 years. Sakshi had her choice of several Moscow universities, and she chose RSUH.

My acquaintance with Pushkin began with the book "Road to Russia", which is very popular for studying Russian in India. It was a very short text, briefly describing the life events of the great poet. Honestly, at that moment I treated the text just as any other similar biography. I did not suspect that in the future Pushkin would become such an important part of my life. The story "The Captain's Daughter" was the first that I completely read and understood in Russian. The only lesson I learned from this story is how important honor was for the Russian people, especially in the 19th century, if the main character was ready to die rather than compromise his principles. In this sense, Pushkin was very similar to his heroes ...

Sakshi Aggarwal

Vipin Kumar is a student of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation and Interpreting. He had to read a lot of fiction in Russian to pass the finals and he wrote a term paper on the stories by Ivan Bunin and their translations into different languages ​​of the world. However, according to him, Alexander Pushkin has always been his spiritual inspiration.

“Pushkin lived three times faster than we do. He went through such a huge space of life and accumulated so much that another person would have needed several lives to do the same. This can only cause sincere admiration. My first acquaintance with the poet took place in early childhood, when my mother read me my first book. These were Pushkin's fairy tales, and since then the poet’s creations have become an integral part of my life. I grew up and found new favorite characters: I joined the union of “friends of Lyudmila and Ruslan”, becoming a good “friend” with Onegin. In the future, each work of Pushkin became for me an encyclopedia of life. The poet had me discover his native land in its unique beauty. His literary works are significant for the spiritual development of every person.”

Vipin Kumar

The mentors of Indian students, Dr. Alexander Stolyarov and Dr. Indira Gazieva congratulated their students: “We congratulate the students of RSUH, Sakshi Aggarwal and Vipina Kumara Bichal on their victory and wish them success in their Russian studies.”