RSUH Readings in Humanitaties-2021.Day 3

RSUH Readings in Humanitaties-2021.Day 3

The presentation of the XVIII season of the competition, which started exactly a month ago at the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", was held within the framework of a round table "My country is my Russia": an open educational space for young compatriots living abroad. The event joined international experts, graduates of the competition, as well as representatives of educational organizations and youth public associations from 37 countries. Among them are the Republic of Belarus, Great Britain, Spain, Republic of Korea, Egypt, Australia, Cuba and others.

Addressing the participants of the Table, Rector Bezborodov, noted the importance of holding the event at RSUH, which these days is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Within the framework of the seminar "Grant support for research of young scholars in Russia: results and prospects at RSUH", presentations of projects of faculty and graduates of RSUH, supported by the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, took place. The topics of the presentations were varied: from the management of the Russian Church in the 16th century. and the issue of the formation of Korean self-identity in the 17th-18th centuries to the history of artistic emigration in France and the genesis of modern science.

On the same day, students were told about educational and academic projects of the Center for Social and Political Research and Information Technologies. Director of the Center, Dr. Magomed Omarov, presented projects that are being implemented with the participation of students and experts from the University.

Dr. Martsinkovskaya, Director of the Vygotsky Institute, presented the project "Transitive and Virtual Spaces - Community and Differences", aimed at studying the similarities and differences in the phenomenology and laws of two spaces - the Internet and modern transitive reality. The relevance of this problem is determined by the constantly increasing influence of the Internet.

Projects of the Center for Social and Political Research and Information Technologies

Presentation of the project "Transitive and Virtual Spaces - Community and Differences"

There was also a presentation of the project "Historical memory as a factor in the evolution of socio-political systems (Sub-Saharan Africa and Mesoamerica)" aimed at a comparative study of historical memory in two large civilizational regions - Sub-Saharan Africa and Mesoamerica from the pre-colonial period to the present day.

Dr. Alan Abaev, Dean of the Faculty of Advertising and Public Relations, spoke about the implementation of the project "Methodological aspects of assessing the competitiveness of industrial products in the international market" addressing the current state of competition and analyzed the international practice of supporting national producers.

Dr. Olga Artemova, Professor of the Center for Social Anthropology, presented the works done by the Center's faculty. Among them is Dr. Valery Tishkov's book "We Live Here", which presents the results of field research carried out in 2009-2011.

Dr. Lyudmila Limanskaya, Head of the Department of Theory and History of Art, spoke about the research activities of the Faculty of History of Art, and presented the research of the department.

Dr. Nikolay Medushevsky, Director of the Center for Applied African Studies, told the students about the center's activities. According to him, the work is aimed at developing existing and searching for new possible forms of cooperation between RSUH and universities of the East African Community, North Africa, the Organization of African Unity and UNESCO.

On the third day of the Readings, RSUH hosted an international presentation of the national competition “My country - my Russia”, one of the projects of the presidential platform “Russia - the country of opportunities”. The meeting was attended by representatives of 37 countries of the world.

The Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Area Studies presented a number of projects. Dr. Olga Pavlenko, Head of the Department of Foreign Area Studies and Foreign Policy, presented the international project “The Role of Neutral States (Austria, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland) in the Implementation of the USSR Foreign Policy Strategy. 1969-1975 ". The implementation of the project became possible due to the fact that recently the Russian State Archive of Contemporary History and the Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation declassified a large number of documents: materials from the Politburo, the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Russian Foreign Ministry. These documents allow us to study how the process of informing the Soviet leadership about foreign policy events was carried out.

The third day of the Readings ended with a seminar "The Institute for Higher Research in Humanities at a writing table", which was held in the format of a videoconference. The organizer was the Meletinsky Institute of Higher Humanitarian Research.

A full photo report will be published upon completion of all events. Video recordings are available on the same links as the broadcasts and on our official YouTube channel.