V.S. Golenischev Center for the Study of Ancient Civilizations of Egypt and Sudan


International Educational - Scientific Center (ISTC) for the study of the ancient and medieval history of Egypt and Sudan.

The Center is actively involved in the international activities of the Russian State University for the Humanities, providing connections with the Universities in Egypt and Sudan, and leading scientific and educational centers in Europe as well.

The center develops and implements scientific projects, performs basic research in the field of historical sciences, archeology and culture of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sudan and the Eastern Mediterranean. Professors and teachers of the Center organize and conduct archaeological missions in Egypt (Giza) and in Sudan (Meroe, Abu Erteila).

The Center is developing educational and methodological complexes in the disciplines of international regional specializations, as well as international master's programs in the framework of interaction with the faculties of the RSUH. Collaboration is being carried out with the departments of various universities, including foreign countries, in the field of educational, teaching and research work.

The results of scientific researches are implemented in the publication of scientific papers, participation in scientific conferences and public lectures.

The Center conducts educational activities, implements the educational master's degree program "Egypt and Sudan in the context of the history of Mediterranean civilizations" in the branch “History”, provides the educational process, archaeological practice on the basis of Russian expeditions in Egypt and Sudan,.

The Center organizes and realises scientific seminars, international conferences, symposia and other events on the subject of the Center together with Egyptian and Sudanese universities and other foreign partners.