гуманитарный университет

Basic Information

Director – Valery Tishkov
,  Ph.D., member of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of RAS

Specialty – Social Anthropology

Qualification – Social Anthropologist

Majors – Social anthropology of world regions, human ethology

Full-time education


Core disciplines: Ethno-cultural composition of the world, human evolution, human ethology, history, psychology, culture and personality, anthropology of law, economic anthropology, anthropology of folklore, political anthropology, visual anthropology, anthropology of religion, applied anthropology, foreign languages


Social anthropology studies man and society in diverse cultural environments. It explores both fundamental problems of social systems development and functioning as well as problem-solving methods for various applied subjects.

All the teachers of the Center are qualified specialists, many of them Ph.D’s. Also, a great number of experts from the RAS institutes are routinely delivering lectures and teaching practical courses. Foreign specialists are also invited.

During the course of their education students have three internships: in research institutes and museums of Moscow and St.-Petersburg as well as in the field.

Students of the Center take active part in scientific congresses. Workshops both in Russia and abroad are organized for them.

After graduation the students have an opportunity to pursue their studies as graduate students both in Russian and foreign institutes and universities.

Our address: 

Miusskaya Sq. 6, korpus 2, rooms 516, 517 

+7 (499) 250 6102

+7 (499) 973 4094 

+7 (499)  250 6102