Blood Donor Day, held at the RSUH, Moscow, Russia

October 8, 2018
Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia

RSUH Hindi group students participated in the Blood Donor Day, held at the RSUH, Moscow, Russia

It was organized by the Student Affairs Department and Student Council of RSUH.

Hindi Premi students – Nikita Tatarsky, Alena Plotnikova, Rostislav Pavlyukov, Ksenia Valenyuk, Darya Gerenkova took part in blood donation. Students and officers had the opportunity to donate blood voluntarily. Donors were offered tea, coffee, pies and sweets.

Students were also offered to make henna tattoos which said: “I am a donor”.

The sponsor of this event is “AMRIT”, Indian Cultural Centre (Tarusa city, Kaluga Region).
Blood Donor Day in RSUH is an annual humanitarian event.

RSUH Hindi students donated blood to save lives and help unknown people.

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