Meeting with the "Tehelka Hindi»‘s magazine publisher

June, 23 2018

Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH), Moscow, Russia

RSUH teachers Prof. Alexander Stolyarov, Dr. Indira Gazieva and students Rishabh Sharma, Daljeet Singh in collaboration with Ms. Ekaterina Tryasoumova, member of “AMRIT” Indian Cultural Centre (Tarusa city, Kaluga region) had a meeting with Mr. Pankaj Yadav (journalist, Tehelka Hindi), Mr. Ashutosh Kumar and Mr. Ilya Ostapenko (Hindi translator, Voronez city, Russia).

Indian Guest came to RSUH to meet with teachers and students and to get acquainted Russians with “Tehelka Hindi” magazine and “Poster Boy” collection of ironic stories’ book. Mr. Pankaj told that Russia inspires many young Indians to learn Russian language and culture. So it became necessary to publish book of reference on Russian language. Probably it will be a joint project of the RSUH and “AMRIT” Indian Cultural Centre with the Indian publishing house.

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