“Russian poetry’s evening. Silver Age" December 15, 2016 Moscow, Russia

RSUH Hindi group students and teachers have organized the ““Russian poetry’s evening. Silver Age"s poetry competition that was held at the Exhibition hall (6th flour) of the Russian State University for Humanities.

The competition is dedicated to the poetry of Silver Age of Russian Poetry.

The event is dated to inter-university project “World Poetry day” established by UNESCO.

Silver Age of Russian Poetry was the creative period in the history of Russian poetry. Students from Moscow state university an RSUH partiicipated in the Poetry competition. They read poems of Nikolai Berdyaev, Alexander Blok, Valery Bryusov, Sergey Esenin, Vladimir Mayakovskiy, Marina Tsvetaeva,  Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, and Osip Mandelshtam.

On 21st of March 2017 winners will be awarded medals and souvenirs during The World Poetry Day's Gala concert in RSUH. The best translations of poems from foreign languages into Russian will be published in the book of poems. All participants will be presented with diplomas.

Welcoming speeches to the participant’s competition were delivered by:
Prof. Irakliy Bolkvadze, Pro-VC for the Office student’s affair 
Prof. Alexander Senkevich, poet, journalist 

Special guests:

Dmitry Buck, professor, Director of the State Literary Museum

Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Head of the Museum of Silver Age in Moscow

Pavel Shkarenkov, professor, Director of the Institute of History and Philology of the Russian State Humanitarian University;

Rostislav Rybakov, professor, the Russian indologist;

The Jury Committee is composed of famous poets, experts, academicians and translators:
Ms. Elena Tarusskaya, Chief Editor of the “Trajectory of Creativity”, poet and translator.
Mr. Dmitry Evsyukov, Director of the “Trajectory of Creativity” Publishing House" in Tarusa city, poet and translator.
Dmitry V. Kuznetsov, poet, journalist, essayist, member of the Russian Union of Writers and the Russian Union of Journalists;

Marina Ulybysheva, poet, member of the Union of Writers of Russia;Prof. Alexander Senkevich, indologist; philologist, translator from Hindi, writer and poet; 
Prof. Sergey Serebryaniy, Director of the Institute of Advanced studies of RSUH;

Dr Lyudmila Vasilyeva, indologist, translator, Senior Scientific Officer of Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
Dr Anil Jainvijay, poet, Hindi teacher of the Moscow State University;
Dr Guzel Strelkova, Hindi teacher of the Moscow State University;
Ms Irina Maksimenko, 
Mr Satish Malik, Head of the “AMRIT” Indian Cultural Centre (Tarusa city, Kaluga Region)

Participants of the competition:

  1. Diljit Singh (RSUH). Poem by Nikolay Gumilev on Russian
  2. Svetlana Fedorova (RSUH). Poem by Marina Tsvetaeva
  3. Mariya Zakharova (MSU). Poem by Nikolay Zabolotskiy
  4. Babu Imam Khussein (RSUH). Poem by Konstantin Balmont
  5. Daiya Peregudova (RSUH). Poem by Anna Akhmatova
  6. Andrey Havkin (RSUH). Poem by Sergey Esenin
  7. Alexandra Kozlova (MSU). Poem bu Iliya Selvinskiy
  8. Vera Lebedeva (RSUH). Poem by Valeriy Brusov 
    Tasneem Khussein (RSUH). Poem by Osip Mandelshtam
  9. Alina Pavlova (RSUH). Poem by Sergey Esenin
  10. Olga Kharitonova (RSUH). Poem by Sergey Esenin
  11. Viktoriya Bazyleva (RSUH). Poem by Alexander Blok
  12. Sofiya Bazarnaya (RSUH). Poem by Nikolay Zabolotskiy
  13. Dmitriy Grishin (RSUH). Poem by Sergey Esenin
  14. Ekaterina Bilalova (RSUH). Poem by Nikolay Gumilev
  15. Pavel Kalenik (RSUH). Poem by Velimir Khlebnikov
  16. Anastasiya Lapekina (RSUH). Poem by Nikolay Gumilev
  17. Danil Tikhonichev (RSUH). Poem by Sergey Esenin
  18. Anastasiya Dalok (RSUH). Poem by Maximilian Voloshin
  19. Maxim Vlasov (RSUH). Poem by Sergey Esenin
  20. Olga Sivolapova (RSUH). Poem by Vladimir Mayakovskiy
  21. Natalia Safronova (RSUH). Poem by Valeriy Brusov
  22. Olesya Koryuka (RSUH). Poem by Nikolay Zabolotskiy
  23. Anton Makarov (RSUH). Poem by Vladimir Mayakovskiy

Organizers of the contest:

Office of Student Affairs,

Faculty of International Relations and regional studies,

International Centre for South Asian studies

the Indian Cultural Centre "Amrit" (Tarusa, Kaluga region).

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