the lecture about Mahatma Gandhi presented by Emeritus professor Marietty Stepanyants


RSUH students and teachers visited the Department of Indian Philosophy named after Mahatma Gandhi.  This Department is a part of the Oriental philosophies sector of the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Science.

The Head of the Department is professor Marietta Stepanyants, who presented the lecture about Mahatma Gandhi : was he an idealistic reformer or visionary?”

The lecture by professor Stepanyants was organized by Oriental philosophies sector of the Institute of Philosophy and JNCC, Embassy of India in Moscow in the framework of an educational lecture series "Russian indologists about India."Professor Marietta Stepanyants the chief Fellow of the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences and Honoured Scientist.

Professor Stepanyants says the following about Mahatma Gandhi in the lecture: "Some people call Gandhi ji as a fakir, a deceiver, a holy fool, the other - the apostle of non-violence. Albert Einstein believed his as "victorious warrior, always rejected the use of force." But professor Stepanyants says: “I would rather call Mahatma Gandhi as "great visionary".

RSUH students presented a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and spinning wheel with a yarn fr om the village of Sevagram wh ere Gandhi began his struggle for national liberation for the independence of India.

On January 2016, RSUH students spent their language tour at the Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University in Wardha, Maharashtra. They visited Sevagram village and all places connected with Gandhi’s life and work.

After the lecture Vera Lebedeva, student of RSUH read a poem "Bapu" in Hindi.


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