On September 1, 2015 at 01.35 pm a half-hour yoga flash mob was held in the courtyard of the university.

September 1, 2015
Moscow Russia, Russian State University for the humanities Yoga flash mob Press release The Russian State University for the Humanities – the unique University of the unique knowledge! That was a surprise is being organized at RSUH for the first-year students! There is a tradition in Russia to celebrate the “Knowledge Day” on the 1st of September. On September 1, 2015 at 01.35 pm a half-hour yoga flash mob was held in the courtyard of the university. Hindi group students of the Department of International Relations of the Institute of Archive studies decided to draw attention to yoga – the Vedas heritage, part of great Indian culture and tradition. The weather did not disappoint us: it was warm and sunny with a light autumn breeze. In the afternoon all first-year students came to the general meeting in central hall to meet with teachers and see the auditoriums, library and the canteen and to be acquainted with the students’ life. On the way to the courtyard they had heard the sound of Gayatri mantra – the mantra from the Vedas. A group of students, having spread their yoga mats, were doing the pranayama techniques – the breathing exercises. It was amazing and unusual! They were plunging into the ancient meditative yoga tradition - a source of knowledge about their own body and mind. Since thousands of years the Indian practice of yoga helps people to reach the perfection. All Indians know that the breathing system is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Suresh Babu, JNCC yoga teacher of the Embassy of India in Russia tell RSUH students about it during his yoga classes every Wednesday at 5.30 pm. Second year Hindi students decided to share their knowledge about yoga with the first year students of the Hospitality & Tourism Management Department. They wanted to draw attention to India, Hindi and Indian culture. The main aim of Yoga flash mob is to attract the attention of students to yoga as knowledge. Regular yoga classes improve brain function, strengthen a memory and improve concentration. Yoga helps to think quickly and to memorize information. Yoga creates the positive emotions. Yoga helps to kill off the fear of public speaking. 
The mission of “Yoga-RSUH” Flashmob is aimed on popularization of yoga and healthy lifestyles.

The video about “Yoga-RSUH” Flashmob was created by Irina Tsibizova

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