Russian State University for Humanities invites students of Partner-Universities

Russian State University for Humanities invites students of Partner-Universities
to participate in a Summer school

Russian State University fro Humanities (RSUH) is a dynamically developing institution, widely recognized both in Russia and elsewhere due to its intensive educational and scholarly activities. RSUH is situated in the center of Moscow, close to Novoslobodskaya and Mendeleevskaya metro stations.
Students from over the UK, the US, Italy, France, Germany, as well as Korea and Japan come to RSUH to participate in Summer and Winter Schools to master the Russian language as its International Russian Language Academic Center.
The projects are conducted by highly qualified professors who speak various languages and have vast and long experience of teaching both in Russia and elsewhere.

Students are offered specially designed programs and methods which will enable you:

- to overcome the psychological language barrier and actively socialize with native Russians;
- to master Russian pronunciation and acquire communication skills for everyday usage (beginner’s level);
- to enlarge Russian vocabulary, to make your grammar usage skills automatic, to develop listening, reading, writing skills in all registers of Russian speech (intermediate and advanced levels);
- to learn more about Russia to understand better:
- main episodes of its history
- its customs and traditions
- its cultural, political and social process, etc (all levels)

Duration of Summer school 4 or 8 weeks
Period of Summer School June-July 2015
Timetable 4 days a week
4 academic hours
Time total 64 or 128 academic hours
Cost Approximately 700 Rub. an hour per person

Compiling the curriculum for the Summer School at the Center students’ interests and desires are taken into consideration.
In addition to the course of Russian, RSUH can offer a number of lectures in Russian history and culture (in Russian or in English) as well as cultural excursion program.
The course is certified by an RSUH certificate.
You can also get a course of training for TORFL international exam, take the Russian-as-second-language examination and get an official document.
While taking the course of Summer School studies students can find accommodation in the RSUH dormitory on campus. The price of a two-bed room is 570-890 roubles a night per person (depends on the time of accommodation)


Russian State University for Humanities
International Relations Department
Miusskaya sq. 6/6, room 300
Moscow, Russia
Tel. +7 495 250 65 16

President’s assistant for International contacts
Miusskaya sq. 6/7, room 354
Moscow, Russia
Tel. +7 495 250 65 99

International Russian Language Academic Center
Miusskaya sq. 6/3, room 211
Moscow, Russia
Tel. +7 495 250 69 05

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