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Chair of the history of science

The year of creation -1992

History of the Chair:


When working out concepts of creating and developing the University Chair “History of science” of RSHU the following tasks were set up:


  • evaluation of the development of science as an integral phenomenon of culture and revival and development of ideas of V.I.Vernadskii and T.Tannery on general history of science;
  • incorporating humanitarian knowledge in addition to natural sciences  into the subject of historic-scientific research and teaching;
  • revealing and analising the structure of connections “science-technology” as a unified system;
  • a problem of historic interrelation of various types of knowledge (of natural sciences, technological, humanitarian) is specially separated out and analised; and in this connection a special task of humanitarian evaluation of scientific-technological development (which is reflected in all courses and optional courses presented at the chair, but primarily in such courses as “Concepts of modern natural sciences “and “Ecology”) is set up.


From the very first moment the work of the Chair is marked with constantly supported tradition of a wide professional cooperation with experts of various scientific trends working in research organizations both abroad and in our country. Of special note is connection of the Chair with the Institute for the History of Science and Technology of the Russian Academy of Science.


Since the very beginning the Chair has been searching for an optimal structure of providing the teaching process with most effective teaching methods and developing most effective educational technologies. While solving the task multimedia teaching and information systems have been created for both basic and a number of optional courses.


The work of the Chair shows high efficiency of the use of historic and scientific courses as integral disciplines, which makes it possible to substantially decrease disciplinary separateness and thus to raise the quality of education in colleges and universities.

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